FutureFrock & VV Vintage

My new favourite online check in. FutureFrock; Empowerment Dressing is a quarterly online magazine which showcases "only the most beautiful of fashion-forward ethical products" to those who aren't looking to comprimise style to their ethical morals. It's contributers are made up of a stunning collection of those at the top of their game in their ethical styling know. FutureFrocks shoots promote the oozing intelligent sex appeal ethical fashion has as the as the only smart way forward. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of their collaborative project with ethical stylist Lucy Harvey and Green Lens Studios for Real Women, Sustainable Style, later in the year. The aim is to create a series of images that celebreate the individuality of the sitter. Realisitc images of beauty can have a postivie impact on the way we women view ourselves and our place in fashion's dialogue.  

Futurenews:  VV Vintage
Singer VV Brown and  Lola Peach have launched a powerhouse for high-end up-cycled and collect vintage pieces with an ethos that "fashion can create a place where everyone beneftits." What I love best about this vintage store is that it offers a range of unique collectables from a variety of price points to suit all. I've especially got a lot of love for the Samurai Contemporary Jacket, found amongst the Japenese designers market. What a creation at £500. Alternatively there is the Gold Velvet Text Jumpsuit for just £66. 

The two creatives have teamed up with Oxfam  to provide emerging designers to customize and up-cycle the charity's resource of unused materials. To be apart from DWO (Design with Oxfam) send a bit about you and examples of your work to dwo@vvvintage.com.

Check out their DVO video below and find them on-line at VV Vintage


Perfect sunday start

Breakfast at The Counter Cafe, Hackney Wick

Poached eggs on crispy potato cakes with salmon 

What a perfect way to spend sunday brunch following a Victoria Park Village pub crawl. Certainly tasted as good as fresh as this picture gives credit for. Although the service was a little confused, the gorgeous menu, relaxed setting overlooking the 2012 London Olympic site, and very fair price point make it all a very laid-back worthwhile experience. (Plus the confusion scored me a free tea!) Head down before 11.00am to beat the inevitable queue, and you'll be full till dinner. 



Resolutions/ On my radar

My three new year resolutions;

1. Get back into music - my itunes has been lacking in new excitement for the last year or so. Tracks on radar:

2. Read all the books I've started in the last three years. At the moment I'm continuing with Caitlin Moran's 'How to be a Women' - refreshingly honest and very funny however I often have to hide the pages if I'm reading on the train. I'm never quite certain how eye catching "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO CALL HER VAGINA?"/ "THERE ARE MEN OUT THERE HAVING SEX WITH BICYCLES" is to the person standing/ sitting next to me - but I'm sure that says more about myself than the book. My director certainly gave me an extremely odd, judgemental look when I was reading on my lunch break, I know that much. Having said that, it is defiantly the book to break my reading barrier as the chapters are beginning to fly by.

3. And finally to start regularly doing my Pilates DVD and to start running with the 'Couch to 5K' app. Did 20 minutes of matt work this morning. 

So far so good with the 2012 aims.