Here's what I got u p to for New Years eve,  read the review on Shut the Front Door

My new years resolution last year was to stop worrying about money. I'm great at budgeting and gathering away those pennies. However, I often compromised on living my life a little. My placement in London taught me how to get the most out of living off little money whilst not missing out on having a great time.

Unfortunately, I got a bit too excited leaving the pound-snatcher capital city when I moved back to Nottingham. Although I've had an absolutely brilliant term flying off to France, going out for dinner, and going to any night out I please, my savings are a bit worse for wear. 

My new years resolution for 2013 is to get back on the budgeting. The first step to reminding myself of how I achieved my London lifestyle is documenting my key top tips.

Watch this space for the first instalment: 

Cheap drinks


VV Vintage

"We started doing vintage and also a programme where we take disgarded fabric or second hand clothing and reinvent them and make them more Beautiful" VV Brown

To follow up from my previous post on VV Vintage (FutureFrock & VV Vintage) I purchased the above shirt. Unsure of what quite to expect, the quality and fit were perfect and the shirt is an immediate wardrobe favourite. At £20 and free delivery, the price point was considerably affordable and definatly value for money considering how much I love this item.

Although the brand took their time getting back to me with difficulties with payment, I recieved the item super quickly and was impressed by the packaging - branded box with a token vintage vinyl included. Mr Charlie Gale let me abuse his good company and record player to stick Bananarama with The Fun Boy Three on repeat.

Price points vary from £20 to £300. Condisering the design and one of a kind factor, all the prices are affordable.

Here's a snippet of their DWO SS13 range which I practically drooled over:


A change of scenery: Nottingham Vs Halloween

It has been a month now since I moved to Nottingham to finish my final year at Nottingham Trent University. I was nervous for a long-time about leaving E3, but settled into my new location immediatly.

The city is full of oportunity, culture and a great social scene. You can't go wrong with 60p coffee, a continueal great lineup at Stealth, and an impressive fashion scene, all within a short walking distance.

It's chilly nearer the North so we heated things up by kicking of the term with a house party celebrating Halloween, hosted by Shut The Front Door (from NG to E3) Check out the result below:


An Olympic Diary: Paralympic Athletics

On Tuesday 4th September, I made it to the stadium! Just in time as it was also Moving Day. The biggest regret of my life would of been not visiting the site in all it's glory living just a 20 minute walk into the site. 

A perfectly sunny morning for some rest & relaxation. I left the house stressful but as soon as I stepped into the grounds of the Olympic Park, I was instantly overwhelmingly calm and happy. 

I enjoyed observing some blind long jump, blind racing, and wheelchair racing over a cup of coffee whilst soaking up the atmosphere (and sunshine). 

A fitting end for my last day as an East Londoner. 

Whirlygig Cinema @ In The Woods

Saturday 1st September

In the Woods is a beautifully personal, non- commercial one day festival set up by Laurel Collective and friends set up in a secret woodland location. With only 750 tickets available and food & drink supplied by the organisers, this artistic, enchanting, intimate event is a party not to be missed. 

I went along with Katie and Steve to help out with the Whirlygig short film programme, set up in the lovely Nomadic Picturehouse  as a silent cinema.

Read Katie's Whirlygig review of the event here: whirlygigcinema.com


Muxima Cafe, Fairfield Road, Bow

"Muxima is an independent Art & Culture Cafe located in Bow promoting and supporting local and International artists"

I'd noticed the hubbub inside this hidden cafe on my rare cycle rides to the local supermarket for a while, but only recently (and too close to my moving out for my liking) charged my laptop and headed on down to the end of my road to see what was in store. 

There is nothing more satisfying when someone brings you over a perfectly made, perfectly strong soya cappuccino. At 4.00pm on a Friday afternoon, there was a definite buzz of locals and alike. The welcoming, friendly staff and white wash warehouse interior with artistic details create a chilled vibe.

As well as super coffee, they offer a range of teas, sandwiches and sweet treats.  Such a delightful experience. 


An Olympic Diary: The closing weekend

11th September
My close friend whom I met when working at Fforest camp site in West Wales came to stay or a last minute trip. Her trip was filled with magical London and Olympic moments. 

London Fields brewery - 1st birthday party with live music, people watching, and friendly atmosphere. 
Walking to BT London Live at Victoria Park we spotted Boris Johnson cycling to the Olympic stadium before seeing him at the event on the big screens. Another Mo win in the company of friends and the surrounding crowd. 

Heading home to get ready from a night at fabric at about 5, we found the bus had been diverted. In an attempt to find the route, we ended up walking part of the Olympic Marathon at 6.00am 

Sunday was spent sleeping and eventually pulling ourselves together to grab some food and be part of the atmosphere back at Victoria Park for the Closing ceremony.