Sunday cuppa and... Lucy Rose

I discovered this before realising "Red Face" was being played on the radio. This song really touched me  after discovering her whilst watching the current season of Skins (episode 2) - which featured "Don't You Worry"another beautiful song. She's toured with Bombay Bicycle Club (providing backing vocals) and Noah & The Whale. Triniman describes her vocals as "quiet and precious."

Lucy Rose knows her feet, her style and I've read she serves cups of Tea at her gigs. What more in a modern singer/ songwriter do we need?

Also heavily addicted to Jack Steadman's remix. Go out with this, wake up to the original. Listen here:


Buds of Spring

It's been a while - I'm happy to have a weekend free to relax about London. February was a busy one and my extreme case of bad luck seems to have eased (I can safely say I am touching wood.) So I am happily back to writing about what I love. 

A catchup on the last few fashion fuelled weeks is my first priority. Namely the street style prints I have been saving and dreaming about. The sun has been peaking out here in London so let spring begin!