An Olympic Diary: Paralympic Athletics

On Tuesday 4th September, I made it to the stadium! Just in time as it was also Moving Day. The biggest regret of my life would of been not visiting the site in all it's glory living just a 20 minute walk into the site. 

A perfectly sunny morning for some rest & relaxation. I left the house stressful but as soon as I stepped into the grounds of the Olympic Park, I was instantly overwhelmingly calm and happy. 

I enjoyed observing some blind long jump, blind racing, and wheelchair racing over a cup of coffee whilst soaking up the atmosphere (and sunshine). 

A fitting end for my last day as an East Londoner. 

Whirlygig Cinema @ In The Woods

Saturday 1st September

In the Woods is a beautifully personal, non- commercial one day festival set up by Laurel Collective and friends set up in a secret woodland location. With only 750 tickets available and food & drink supplied by the organisers, this artistic, enchanting, intimate event is a party not to be missed. 

I went along with Katie and Steve to help out with the Whirlygig short film programme, set up in the lovely Nomadic Picturehouse  as a silent cinema.

Read Katie's Whirlygig review of the event here: whirlygigcinema.com


Muxima Cafe, Fairfield Road, Bow

"Muxima is an independent Art & Culture Cafe located in Bow promoting and supporting local and International artists"

I'd noticed the hubbub inside this hidden cafe on my rare cycle rides to the local supermarket for a while, but only recently (and too close to my moving out for my liking) charged my laptop and headed on down to the end of my road to see what was in store. 

There is nothing more satisfying when someone brings you over a perfectly made, perfectly strong soya cappuccino. At 4.00pm on a Friday afternoon, there was a definite buzz of locals and alike. The welcoming, friendly staff and white wash warehouse interior with artistic details create a chilled vibe.

As well as super coffee, they offer a range of teas, sandwiches and sweet treats.  Such a delightful experience.