VV Vintage

"We started doing vintage and also a programme where we take disgarded fabric or second hand clothing and reinvent them and make them more Beautiful" VV Brown

To follow up from my previous post on VV Vintage (FutureFrock & VV Vintage) I purchased the above shirt. Unsure of what quite to expect, the quality and fit were perfect and the shirt is an immediate wardrobe favourite. At £20 and free delivery, the price point was considerably affordable and definatly value for money considering how much I love this item.

Although the brand took their time getting back to me with difficulties with payment, I recieved the item super quickly and was impressed by the packaging - branded box with a token vintage vinyl included. Mr Charlie Gale let me abuse his good company and record player to stick Bananarama with The Fun Boy Three on repeat.

Price points vary from £20 to £300. Condisering the design and one of a kind factor, all the prices are affordable.

Here's a snippet of their DWO SS13 range which I practically drooled over:

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