Having a moment

I am currently thoroughly enjoying indulging in the romantics of whimsical vintage eras with seductive tunes, charming gentlemen and sensational fashions.

Romola Garai is often rightfully cast as the charming yet often damaged young girl of period dramas. There is a feeling of déjà vu through I Capture the Castle, Atonement, Glorious 39 and The Hour (to name a few). It is as if Garai’s character is growing up over the eras, especially with the reoccurrence of Bill Nighy as her father.

However, I was so in love with I Capture the Castle in my early teens that it is somewhat satisfying to have an adult version, particularly with The Hour, which sadly concludes next week. Predicted as the new ‘Mad Men,’ the BBC programme has proved its individuality with a different setting, successful suspense of a detective plot and thoroughly British essence. Although it may not be critically acclaimed it has satisfied my need for excitement, lust and style.

As a result I am on the lookout for a perfect 1950’s pencil or midi skirt for work wear sophistication (post to follow if I find one to my liking i.e fits and flatters my shape).

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