Hackney Picturehouse; Dinner and a movie

Katie from Whirlygig Cinema treated me to Hackney Picture House to see The Descendants. 

The film was defiantly my favourite so far in 2012, and not just because of George Clooney. I loved all the strong characters and was moved by every performance. The Guardian summed up Clooney, who plays Matt King, perfectly as " eager to play the fool... yet here he clings to to his dignity while doing it."  Alexander, Matt's eldest daughter, brings along her stoner friend Sid for the ride and moral support. His lines are hilarious and he's always on standby to lighten the mood. The family's story is heart-breaking and director Alexander Payne (Sideways, 2004) is refreshing honest about the physical effects of comer patients. By my standards, a film in which I am constantly either crying or laughing is a definite winner. Read The Guardian’s spot on review here

Out of the films I've seen recently; The Artist is a requirement, Shame isn't everyones cup of tea, and The Descendants is a safe bet.

After the film, we descended (...) to the bar & kitchen. We chose two pizzettes along with homemade spring rolls to share. It was all satisfying on the taste buds and I am keen to go back to try their burgers which have recieved rave reviews.  There is also a range of yummy cakes on offer for those sweet cravings. In addition to the bar & kitchen on the ground floor, there is a bar on the second floor and the Hackney Attic that hosts a film quiz and live music events.

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