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(Photograph curtesy of Emma Rose Tully @ Daydreamer)

My London exursion with my dad last month started with my second visit to the Marilyn exhibition at Getty Images Gallery, 46 Eastcastle Street W1

The one room exhibition displays a well put together collection of photographs and exceptional outfits to commemorate 50 years since the untimely death of Marilyn Monroe

I'm not quite sure when my love for Marilyn started. Maybe it's just natural ambition for blonde girls with a passion for 1950's movies to aspire to the confident, curvy star from an early age. 

On a family holiday to Barcelona (quite a few years ago now), we were lucky enough that a colletors exhibition was being held in the city at the same time.  It is then at least I began to uncover the real Marilyn for myself. THAT dress from Seven Year Itch, the pill box that was by her bedside at her death - certainly a Valley of the Dolls Hollywood reality. 

I found the Getty Images exhibition haunting to some degree. Images capturing the Norma Jean without her guard amongst those where the Marilyn persona - the woman most know her as - is very much turned "on." The switch in characters was perfectly captured by Michelle Willliams in the recent film. Previous Marilyn blog features (you may not have guessed, I'm a fan):

Still, I will always be undeniable drawn to her mysteries and magic and am determined to continue making my way through her achievements. Next on the list; Bus Stop (1956) - see costume image below

Catch it quick:
Ends 23rd May @ Eastcastle street, W1W 8DX
23rd May - 1st June @ Westfields, Stratford 

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