Denis Severs' House


"Whether you see it or you don't - the house's ten rooms harbour ten 'spells' that engage the visitor's imagination in moods that dominated the periods between 1724 and 1914. Your senses are your guide." 
Dennis Severs 1948 - 1999

Not a museum, but a private house it is essential to zone out form the world you leave behind and immerse yourself in the whole picture which surrounds you.  The fictional Jervis family are never seen but there are signs they are never far from the half eaten apples, drinks, and fresh flowers.

We visited at the end of a busy day around London. From being in a rush all day, we clearly noticed the calming effects of the calming, atmospheric house as we left. It took a lot longer to walk from Spitalfields to Pizza East than it would have done before.

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