An Olympic Diary: an impromptu Saturday

4th September 

After getting tickets at midnight for the previous day, my parents came for a visit. We started with a loverly lunch at the Pavillion Cafe. Luckily we were blessed with sunshine and sat outside overlooking the lake and boating. My dad enjoyed the burger whilst my mum and I opted for the beetroot, ricotta and lentil salad. 

We then headed to the park for BT London Live and enjoyed a cider, paper and nap at the music stage. After watching some of the games on the screen, I took my parents to my old favourite Loafing cafe in Victoria park for coffee and cake. 

In the evening, Emma, Polly and I decided to pay Hackney Wick a drinking visit. At Crate brewery (see photos above), a new micro brewery by the river, read Emma's review here at Daydreamer. Whilst sipping our cider and beers the most incredible roar soared up from the hidden stadium behind us. The moment Ennis won the Heptathlon.  

On our second pint and in the midst of the excitement, Mo won. At that point I was a little overwhelmed tipsy and I'm not ashamed to say there was tears. The sound of reggae then led us to The Yard Bar, and after we calmed things down a bit with The Hackney Pearl

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